Culture is changing rapidly and dramatically. The wants and needs of the women in our global society are developing and being redefined daily. It is our responsibility to be at the forefront of this movement, speaking into culture and then redeeming it for God’s glory.


The goal of this conference is to further train and equip women to be on mission whether at home or abroad. Women will be challenged to learn and understand the voice of God, to discern their individual callings, to grow in their faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ and to view themselves as leaders in their current context.

Using Cultivate as our theme, the keynote sessions will seek to build upon each other. First, we will see that God has a call for us as women that is corporate and is found in His word. This finding should lead to the understanding that a knowledge of God’s word is vital to cultivating healthy leadership. With this understanding, we can seek to discern God’s unique plan for us as individuals while learning to find and use our voices. From here we seek to identify why God has placed us where we are, why he has given us specific passions and how we can use all of this and our experiences to serve as leaders in our spheres of influence. Finally, we need to be reminded that as believers, leading explicitly for God’s glory is not optional but instead is the charge to all of us as believers and is vital to the advancement of the Gospel.